Ensenada is a Mexican city of 400,000 inhabitants and a major, international shipping port. The city is located on the Pacific Ocean side of the Baja California Peninsula. Geographically this peninsula is an elongated, narrow strip of land extending southwards from the western border of the land mass known as the North American continent. Mexico’s Baja California peninsula adjoins the American state of California.

Ensenada city is a one and a half hour drive of spectacular ocean views from the U.S. city of San Diego. The highway is excellent and combined with the sheer natural beauty of the landscape the ninety-eight-kilometre ride excels most any ocean view drive in the world. At sunrise and sunset, nature’s colourful blending of land, sea and sky challenges comparison. This paved Trans peninsular Toll Highway is patrolled by Mexico’s free, friendly fleet of ‘Green Angels’ who provide assistance to any motorist in case of a vehicle breakdown or other mishap.

The national language of Mexico is Spanish. However in Enemata emata, English is also spoken in most hotels, hospitals, restaurants and stores. Baja California is rapidly becoming a bilingual state. This includes currency as you can comfortably use US dollars at most establishments down the coast. You will find price tags in both US dollars and pesos for your convenience. While in the city you have the options of driving your own car (most driving licenses are accepted in Baja California for reasonable periods of time), car rentals, tour companies or taxis to go to wherever you wish to visit. Mexican auto insurance is highly recommended and motorists should carry a valid driver’s license and proof of vehicle ownership. Always wear seat belts.

How to Get to The Ongley Institute 

The Ongley Institute is located just on the outskirts of Ensenada proper to the north.Facing the ocean on the Tijuana-Ensenada highway it is n5estled between the hotels Las Rosas and Punta Morro.  Most persons who are coming from a fair distance off that is not comfortably drivable, fly into San Diego Airport and rent a car for the 90 minute drive south to Ensenada.   The route is a scenic Toll-Road with many gorgeous views of the rugged coastline that falls elegantly into the azure depths of the Pacific Ocean.  Ensenada’s geographic location allows easy access for patients travelling from North America, South and Central American countries; as well as, Europe.

Directions from San Diego Airport

  • Take Interstate 5 South to International Boarder
  • Cross boarder into Tijuana and follow signs for Rosarita/Ensenada Cuota (the exit comes up quickly on the right once you go up the ramp)
  • Remain on this road until you see the next Rosarita/Ensenada Cuota exit to the right, which will send you west
  • Stay in the left lane, road will curve to left and you are now on the Scenic Highway/toll road. The first toll is less than 1 mile at this point.
  • Remain on the Scenic Highway/toll road for approximately 50 miles, you will pass through 2 more toll booths
  • At the last toll booth, go straight for a few miles, pass Hotel Las Rosas until you see a gas station (butane) called Gas Z, with big white tanks and a red dot in the middle
  • Ongley Institute is directly in front of that gas station on the ocean side
  • If you pass the school UABC or Hotel Coral & Marina you have gone too far

Visit Preparations

In preparation for your visit use the checklist below to help you get ready for your journey.

  • Valid Passport
  • Relevant X-rays and other medical records (if you have them)
  • Accommodation reservations
  • Small bills for toll road ($2 – $2.35 at each toll booth)
  • Loose, comfortable clothing as you will have to do some minor exercises after each treatment

Plan for a minimum of 2 days (up to 4 days) on your first visit depending on required treatment. Day 1 will include the consultation/diagnosis and the initial treatment. Day 2 begins the inflammatory sessions, which will continue in weekly intervals. More days become necessary as the number of injured areas that need to be treated increases.

Ensenada itself is no torrid border town but a cruise ship destination possessing a rich history steeped in cultural landmarks.  The geography of the bay and the islands just off shore create a remarkably relaxing enclave wherein one can find their breath and a path to healing.

Any person visiting for the first time should ask our staff about what to do and see in Ensenada not only by day but by night as the city offers a wide array of nightlife and restaurants that cater to almost any craving.  Prepare to be surprised by all you find.