Why Mexico?
Dr Ongley is New Zealand born and is still a citizen of New Zealand.  He decided to begin a practise of Orthopaedic Medicine free from the barriers inherent in the current medico-legal atmosphere of the United States of America.  Most of the other nations he investigated were found to be lacking in terms of freedom of patient management.  Even today, differences between what is practised under the label of Orthopaedic Medicine in the United States is considered ‘prolotherapy’ by The American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine.  This confusion leads others to assume that the Dr Ongley ia a prolotherapists when he is not.  The current understanding by the mainstream physicians and surgeons is that ‘prolotherapy’ yields minor improvement at best.  Most remain skeptical.  In Mexico the medical needs of a patient are controlled by the attending physician and not by insurance companies with their ‘usual and customary’ dictates so prevalent in the world of medicine today. Dr Ongley wishes to avoid such constraints upon his ability to render appropriate patient care.  Mexican physicians understand that patients are independent individuals whose medical needs are as individual as the individuals themselves. Nursing care is another compelling factor as Mexican nurses are highly trained professionals, competent and compassionate. Indeed the history of medicine has shown us that the innovators of progress are persecuted during their lifetime and their advances lauded once they are dead.  This has continued since the very beginnings of true healing with even the great Hippocrates being forced to drink Hemlock to end his life.  Furthermore, research into methods avoiding surgery and drug use to treat bodily pains are dissuaded and all but nonexistent in such constrained system.

What is “Ongley Solution”?
Ongley Solution is a biologic regenerating solution classified as a proliferant. A proliferant is a substance that causes the growth of new tissue by the reproduction of similar cells. Proliferants act by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms. The O. solution is a self-sterilizing solution that on contact kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and other abnormal organisms found within the human body. It cannot cause infections. Though the solution has been used extensively throughout the world during the last 50 years, no serious adverse side effects have been reported. The efficiency, efficacy and safety of the solution have been proven, not only with the passage of time and with the numbers of treatments administered, but also by repeated scientific studies.

What is in“Ongley Solution”?
Dextrose 25%
Glycerine 25%
Phenol 2.5%

Distilled water to get to 100%

How does the treatment work?
The solution works, exclusively, where it is placed and when it is needed. It is axiomatic that an accurate diagnosis is essential, as is the correctly administered treatment, if a healing process is to occur. The solution placed in the wrong place does not stimulate healing. Incorrect administration of the solution also does not stimulate healing. The solution administered incorrectly in the right place stimulates limited healing. The solution must be administered correctly into the full extent of the damaged area if complete healing is to occur. Frequently when normal healing fails the O. solution is successful. This occurs most often in damaged areas of the body where the blood supply is severely limited. It has been scientifically proven that though the O. solution stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms it does so to a greater degree than nature itself. The resultant repaired tissue produced is stronger than if healing occurred by nature alone. Also in circumstances when nature has failed, such as an ununited fracture or when ligaments are stretched, the O. solution is able to both initiate and conclude healing.

Why do I have to make multiple visits?
Usually the number of visits depends upon the particular problem. With spines complete stabilization is essential. There are many structures to be regenerated consequently many individual treatments are necessary. The neck area requires less than the low back because the neck does not have to deal with the weight that the low back has to endure and does not have as many stabilizing ligaments.

What is the “initial” injection?
With both the acute and chronic problems, nature in attempting to heal itself always does so by producing too much tissue whether it be normal tissue or scar tissue formation, or excessive bone formation with the healing of a fracture. This excessive tissue all too frequently binds individual structures together limiting their function. Obviously before regeneration is begun this extraneous tissue must be removed. Healing in the presence of a full range of motion should be the object of the therapy. Nature has the immune response apart, only the inflammatory reaction to respond to injury whether it be traumatic or an invasion of bacteria.

What do I need to do to prepare for my first visit?
Nothing in particular. If you have medical records, X-Rays etc. The most important thing to bring is you. X-rays, MRI etc. have proven themselves to be fallacious.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Payment is by personal cheque or cash. No credit cards are accepted.

Is this treatment tax deductible?
With a certificate from the Institute, the total medical costs, travel and accommodation, in most circumstances, are deductible from Income Tax.