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The Ongley Institute

The Ongley Institute is Located in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, and is a legally constituted and approved Mexican Company formed by Dr. Milne J. Ongley in 1996. The commitment of the Institute is to the diagnosis and appropriate, non-surgical treatment of painful conditions arising from musculoskeletal structures.

The Ongley Institute is a direct extension of the work of the Father of Orthopaedic Medicine, Dr. James Cyriax. Dr. Milne J. Ongley was Dr. Cyriax’s only resident. From Cyriax’s work, Dr. Milne Ongley was able to build and streamline a diagnostic method without parallel. Cyriax’s contribution was to codify orthopaedic problems. Dr. Milne Ongley returned to New Zealand and developed a treatment method which addresses the patient’s true problem. This technique has been in use for over 55 years with clinical study results published in the prestigious British Journal, The Lancet, in 1987.

The objective of Practitioners of this speciality is to correlate a patient’s description of pain with a precise and accurate diagnosis of its origin. To this end Orthopaedic medical practitioners employ a systematic, manual examination system that tests the function of the individual structure or structures that may be involved. Not only is the malfunctioning structure identified, but also, if necessary, the exact portion of that structure exposed. Precise localisation of the causation allows for accurate administration of a proven treatment technique.

This orderly approach renders the patient free from pain within minutes without resorting to ‘pain relieving medicines’ with their accompanying toxic or dangerous side effects.

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